Just Doing My Part

As everyone knows, San Diego is burning.  My hand is on fire as I type this post.  But I don’t want any of you to worry, because we are doing our part to help people out!

Last night we we picked up a couple cases of beer and were sitting on the porch taking in the amazing view:

and we heard on the radio that there were people being evacuated over to Fiesta Island.  We could see them down there, and heard that they even had about 20 horses.  The guy on the radio was interviewing a guy who had be evacuated there, and the guy said they had plenty of food and fresh water, but what little beer they had was getting warm.  Immediately, we sprang into action.  Evan, I, Cam, Anderson, Laser Dave, and Hecker piled into the ram charger and headed over to Rite Aid, immediately procuring 3 – 18 packs of ice cold Coors Light.  We jumped back in the car and tore down to Fiesta Island.  Keep in mind, everyone but Evan (Who was driving) was pretty blasted by this point (Dave and Hecker had been drinking at the Silver Spigot since 9am – hey, its fire day).  We pull up to the entrance to the island, where there is a cop check point.

CIMG0457Now, we had the idea in our heads that we were going to blast onto the beach, throw the charge in 4low and mob around tossing out free beer to grateful refugees, possibly inviting a few female evacuees back to our house – just to offer some shelter.  Anyway, the cops stopped us and I explained (drunkenly) that we had heard on the radio that people needed beer, so we brought it.  They were loading up a truck with tons of donated goods, so we unloaded the beer and hopped back into the charger, obviously drunk.   We overhear one cop ask another “Should we give them a ticket – that guy in the back isn’t even sitting in a seat”.  It was obvious these cops were faced with an extreme moral dilemma.  A choice that calls into question every year spent on the force, tearing apart the very fiber of your being.  “No, let them go” said the other cop, and we burned out into the sunset, blasting “Raise Your Hands” By Bon Jovi and victoriously pumping our fists as high as we could.

We all walked a little taller that day, having done our part to help the people of San Diego.  This great city has given so much to us, the least we could do is give back a bit.  As I fell asleep last night, I dreamed of a father and son, sitting homeless on the shores of mission bay, life and home in ruins, but that father cracks open an ice cold CL, takes a swig, looks at his son, and passes it to him saying softly…”Son.  Today you became a man”.

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