Pirate This!

291106riaa Enough of this stupid shit about pirating music and software!  I listen to the Adam Carolla show every morning on FREEFM, and now he has started doing a ad calling for listeners to turn in people using pirated software!  This is insane.  First of all, he is calling out to a huge listener base of (probably) largely computer illiterate people to turn in their friends who have pirated software for a potential $1,000,000 reward.  He goes on to cite some bullshit stats about how pirated software is costing the industry millions of dollars a year, and then Bonaduce chimes in with an irrelevant comment about how someone came over to fix his computer and the guy installed pirated software on there without his permission.  Does this seem completely retarded to anyone else?  I listen to Carolla for laughs in the morning, not for a god damn PSA about what software I choose to run on my computer. (Not that I am running any pirated software, thats not my point).

Not to mention, I recently read an article in PC Mag (looking for it online but can’t seem to find it) about how most of these numbers that critics use about pirated software are completely misleading.  I’m sure it does cost software companies quite a bit (Hell, I work at one, I know how this affects companies), but the statistics they typically use say something like "Pirated Software cost the software industry 1 billion Dollars last year!".  Well that number is assuming that ALL of that software would have been sold had it not been stolen or copied illegally.  There’s no way that is true!  I’m sure they end up with millions of copies of unsold software or previous versions, that get sold or donated!

imagesAnd then the 30 year old single mom who was sued by the RIAA for sharing her music on Kazaa, to the tune of $220,000!  This is insane.  What the fuck is going on with the country and these huge corporations strong arming consumers!  And we have pretty much been conditioned to just turn around and take it.  I know she clearly did something wrong, but I don’t understand how they are able to sue her for $9,000 per song.  Why not recoup their losses for the $.99  per song that she should have paid purchasing through iTunes?  She should owe them roughly $25, not $220,000.

In closing – shut the hell up about piracy, Adam Carolla.  I hear about this shit everywhere else, the last place I need is from my only source of entertainment in the mornings.

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