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41mNXW9CAXL._AA280_So I made a purchase that is completely unlike me. I bought an ipod a week ago. To maintain some form of credibility – no its not an iPhone or an iPod touch. Its just an 80gb iPod “Classic”. Apparently, standard iPods are now “Classic” because the the touch is so cool it is in a whole different class.

Apple is pretty much everything that is wron g with this country. Based on the following facts. An 80gb ipod is $250. A 6gb ipod Touch is $300, and it is basically an iphone without the phone features. WTF. Lets look at this logically. Why the fuck would anyone pay $50 more for an mp3 player that holds 74gb less! This is insane…yet those fuckers are selling like crazy! I didn’t buy this ipod to hold videos or anything, why would I want to stare at a video the size of a god damn postage stamp? It is purely to hold my roughly 80gb of music. And nothing else. Hence, the problem with America. We will pay insane amounts of money just to have the newest, coolest shit, even if it is a blatant rip off!

And now, the problem with me. I bought one. I gave in to the dark side. I fucking hate Apple and all the trendy, fanboy bullshit that it perpetuates, however, I am now an iPod owner. The reason for this being the following. I have owned 2 Creative Zen mp3 players, and a couple other random off brands. THESE ALL SUCK. Nothing is as good as the ipod, plain and simple. The interface rocks. The size rocks. The software rocks. I hate to say all of that, but its fucking true. God I feel like a tool. But I love my WM5 Palm Treo – so there! I will just use my ipod for music, so help me god, and all my communications will be done on Windows-based devices!

Unfortunately, more praise for an ipod-related device. I also picked up a set of logitech_x240_01Logitech X-240 speakers. They are a simple 2.1 system, but sound awesome. I needed them for my office because they have an ipod base built in, and they work great. I always have audio hooked up to my computer, and can play the ipod over it anytime. Also has hook ups for the USB cable so I can hook it up to iTunes. BTW – don’t get me started on the stupid “i” naming convention. It pisses me off and I feel like even more of a tool for using it.

Oh, and Happy Halloween – I got some sick tracks on this Album – Bride of Monster Mashup. Awesome songs mixed with cool Halloween tracks! Its really getting me in the mood to finally to get my costume together. Not telling what I’m planning yet!

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