I Need A Break

Between work, working on 15 websites for RLDW, and other assorted responsibilities, I am so busy!  Its great to be this busy, but leaves little free time for fun.  Managed to have a bit lately, but not much. CIMG3300 Headed up to Laguna Beach this weekend for Alicia’s wedding, and it was awesome!  The ceremony was short, sweet, and painless.  Over in about 15 minutes, which was awesome, and the reception was great.  Open bar, tons of beer, dancing with some good friends I haven’t seen in years.   Made me realize I haven’t been up to Upland in a long time!  Planning an upcoming trip to go visit the parents and see some friends, and take the dirt bikes with Evan along the trail that runs along Azusa canyon.  Should be a good trip in a couple weeks, and word on the street is my grandparents will be heading in for Thanksgiving!  Can’t wait for the upcoming holidays because I need some god damn time off. 

I managed to sneak off and have a few beers the other night.  Well, more than a few, and had a good time over at Canes, saw some punk band which was decent, and got laied (sp?).S3010257   First time getting laid at a bar, but it went pretty well.  Haven’t been to Canes in a long time, and it was pretty sweet.  Had a few hours to get in some decent wakeboarding with the guys yesterday, and threw an insane 360.  Overall an extremely busy yet super awesome weekend.  Oh, and I hate to admit it, but I purchased an ipod.  Nothing fancy, just 80gb for music.  So sue me.  I gave in to the dark side.  Let it be known this is the only Apple product I will ever own.  I still love my PC, (Even more now that I picked up a new EVGA Geforce 8800 GTS 320mb graphics card – INSANE!).  Oh, and Casey will be happy to know I picked up HALO 3 as well.  It is claiming what little free time I have.  The new DBG Concepts site is in the works, will post more info when its up. 

Random post, but a  lot going on lately.  I’m out!

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