The Lucerne 250 MDR Race = AWESOME!

What an adventure we had this weekend! Evan had the plan to head up to Lucerne Valley to watch the Lucerne 250 race and meet up with some guys from Dezert Dimes. We loaded up around 7 and hit the freeway. Around 10 we stopped in Wrightwood to meet up with Wild Will. He pulled in around 10:30 after a little run in in some traffic on the 15. Apparently in bumper to bumper traffic, someone cut though a gap and barreled into him at about 25 miles per hour. CIMG0538 He has a Ford Ranger PreRunner truck, caged in the back. The guy that hit him was in a brand new Mustang, and his car went straight up under the back of his truck, burying his mustang up to the windshield. His rear tires were literally lifted off the ground, so he couldn’t pull off of the mustang. The guy had to floor it to get out from underneath him, and apparently he had just got his car out of the body shop from a previous accident!

We left wrightwood around 11 and made it up to victorville a few minutes later. From there it was 45 minutes of driving through the middle of nowhere without a light to be seen for miles. After three wrong turns down dirt roads, we finally stopped and pulled up directions on my treo. Thank god for 21st century technology and GPS. Finally rolled in to the main pits around 2am, and could not find any of the DD guys. (Bad directions were due to one of them being completely blasted). We bombed around the pits for a while before staking out CIMG3265a campsite on top of a nearby hill. The wind was so bad (up to 13mph) that it took another 30 minutes just to get our tent up, but once we had it set up, a good 30 pack of coors light eased the pain from the trip and we hit the sack.

I woke up around 6 am and checked out the sunrise, which was pretty awesome from the hilltop. I sat on the back of my truck and checked out the start of the race. The mountain we were on was right next to the track, so we had an awesome view of the trucks bombing straight by us. There was a professional SCORE racer, pistol pete racing in one of the trucks, and there was a helicopter following his truck and video taping it. These guys were shooting down the straightaway by our campsite at what must have been nearly 60mph, which is pretty sweet because there were tons of whoops down that straightaway.


When everybody was finally up and we broke down our tents, we headed down the hill and found the rest of the Dezert Dimes Crew. Bruce was there pitting for TunnelVision motorsports which was running a ford ranger, but the broke a valve spring at mile 6 on the first lap, and didn’t even get to race more than that. We broke out the dirt bikes and headed out a place on the track called The Wall, which is the biggest jump on the track. Trucks would bomb down this hill and hit that jump and get insane amounts of air. We chilled at the wall for a couple hours and watched truck after truck bomb over that jump, and met a bunch of people who race other trucks.


After riding dirt bikes for a couple hours after that, we decided to pack up the bikes and head out around 4. I decided to take one last run on my bike, which was a bad idea. Never take your last run. I decided to mob up “Gnar Hill”, the biggest one in the area. I got up to the top, but bombed out coming back down and fell hard. I caught my leg on the exhaust pipe, burned a hole in my pants, and still have some of the melted fabric stuck in my leg. Oh well, you win some you lose some.

Overall, it was a sick trip, good times with good buddies, and some great riding in the desert.



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