MDR Desert Race This Weekend

Tonight the whole crew is heading up to Lucerne Valley for the MDR Dezert Race. Evan, Anderson, Cam and I are leaving SD around seven with two trucks, three dirt bikes, a shitload of beer and in search of good times.   We’ll be meeting Wild Will off the 15/210 for a DD Caravan up to Lucerne.  A bunch of guys from will be up there pitting for a race team and we are going to be camping with them. Race starts around 8am, and we are going to mob around the dezert and watch the race from “the wall” which apparently is one of the hugest jumps on the course. I’ll be back sunday with some sick pictures I probably won’t remember taking. Oh, and and check out what these two idiots were saying:

Fadingfastsd (10:56:29 AM): im so pumped

Fadingfastsd (10:56:33 AM): this is gonna be awesome

Fadingfastsd (10:56:40 AM): cant drink tho

Fadingfastsd (10:56:51 AM): ive got a really bad cold, been sick as shit

DurtySanchezzzzz (10:57:44 AM): Dude, you guys are both pussies

DurtySanchezzzzz (10:58:06 AM): I have been sick too, and I’m drinking

DurtySanchezzzzz (10:59:37 AM): What’s the point of going to the desert if you aren’t drinking

DurtySanchezzzzz (10:59:46 AM): What a waste

Fadingfastsd (11:01:30 AM): fuck you assfuckmo

Fadingfastsd (11:01:36 AM): ill outdrink your ass

Fadingfastsd (11:01:39 AM): that was just a test

Fadingfastsd (11:01:40 AM): pussmo

DurtySanchezzzzz (11:02:44 AM): A test aye? Ya right, I’m sure you’ll accidently “forget” to bring beer tonight, then steal 1 of mine and drink half and pass out bitch

Fadingfastsd (11:03:04 AM): fuck you dirtbaggler

Fadingfastsd (11:03:22 AM): i was born in the desert and raised off the sweat of indians and backbones of rattlesnakes

Fadingfastsd (11:03:41 AM): i piss cactus needles and shit scorpions motherfucker

DurtySanchezzzzz (11:04:00 AM): Hahahhaaha

Fadingfastsd (11:04:02 AM): i can live off the land longer than daniel fucking boone

Fadingfastsd (11:05:03 AM): I can smoke peyote for 6 days straight, complete 2 vision quests, and build a teepee before you can get your tent out of the bag

Fadingfastsd (11:05:06 AM): desert rook

DurtySanchezzzzz (11:05:48 AM): Ya right, the closest thing you’ve ever done to the mdr experience is sit behind a screen and watch videos, you couldn’t survive living without a computer alone for more than a day

Fadingfastsd (11:06:14 AM): we’ll see rookmo

Fadingfastsd (11:06:20 AM): ultimate desert challenge starts tonight

Fadingfastsd (11:06:34 AM): the ultimate test of mountain mans mettle

Fadingfastsd (11:07:15 AM): if you don’t have complete confidence in your truck and survival skills and equipment you won’t last a day out there

DurtySanchezzzzz (11:07:34 AM): very true, I finally have other people there to witness your truck barely being able to keep up

DurtySanchezzzzz (11:10:37 AM): Just so you know, I will not help you tow your giant hunk of shit back down the hil when it breaks
DurtySanchezzzzz (11:11:08 AM): Or help your peg legged pos out of the sand

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