Just a random post about things that are going on. . .First of all – I got the map feature working using this Live Writer, so here is a shot of my office (Still with the old WARD sign on it, now has a ESET logo on the front). 

See if that works.  Threw in a quick font change too.  BOOM.  This Live Writer isn’t half bad now that all of the features are working.  Anyway, back to me, my favorite topic :).  Just head from Chad over at DBG Concepts, and the guys at Hipp Marine…I should have my boat done w/ service tomorrow, swing by DBG and have the new black/white wakeboard tower installed!  Hopefully will be able to hit the water for a quick session if I have time before dark (and if its not raining like the forecast calls for).

Anyway, wow this color is hard to read.  Stupid, pointless post.  Deuce may be down this weekend, and Wild Will also.  Hilarity and Debauchery may ensue.

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