Pics From Otay Mountain

It was a great ride yesterday. Met up with Brad who replied to our post on about heading out. We rode down the 5 to the 905 east as my buddy from work had mentioned. You can then split off onto Otay Mesa rd and follow trails from there on out. It was hot out there, but still an awesome ride right along the border. Ran into some border patrol who said it was cool to ride, and just to stay on the established fire roads and truck trails. Overall we rode over 70 miles and had a great afternoon. Got into some steep hill climbs, and dropped my bike 4 or five times (evan and I both lost brake levers!) but returned no worse for the wear. I realized that people really hate when you ride dirt bikes on the street, even when they are legal. Oh well, those environment loving hippies should realize I’m putting out LESS emissions and getting MORE mpg in a 5 gal tank than they are in their Prius!

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