SB Story Time #1 – Nandos Interview

Casey and I were discussing the good times we used to have whilst living together up in Santa barbara. We came to the conclusion that we have so many hilarious stories that is would be criminal to keep the from the public. Not to mention a few videos cataloging the good times. That being said, I’d like to kick off the segment with an awesome clip from Fernandos. Where we used to live at the old 1631 San Andres st, there was a liquor store directly across the street. The liquor store was run by a middle aged asian man named Num Q. (Apparently he had bought the place from the previous owner, Fernando)
Fernando was so awesome – he always knew exactly what we wanted (and this was before some of us were 21, too). He always kept the buy 1 get 2 free packs of parliament lights for us in the back, and every friday knew to have 32oz bottles of Samuel Smith’s oatmeal stout cold for us, because there is no better way to kick off a night. Of course there were a few incidents over there, a shooting one night…but most of the time it was just a source of good old underage drinking.

Notice how, in this first video, Casey is noticeably drunk. This is because we had already finished a few bottles of Mad Dog 20/20 before heading over to Nando’s that night to pick up a few more bottles of Boones Farm. This was clearly a stupid idea, because we were half drunk and half jacked up on sugar, which turned out to be a bad combo.

I could barely keep a straight face in this one because Nando was behind the counter cracking up as Casey and I were trying to shoot this video. There is more to it somewhere, but I can’t figure out what i did with the clips. more to come!

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