8 Random Things About Me

I got tagged in a blog meme by Liz over at Learning Nerd. So now I owe her 8 random facts about myself, and tag a couple other bloggers to do the same. Pretty cool to see how far these things can reach, I try to read hers and other blogs daily, (but have been slacking in blogging overall lately) and happened to catch some incoming links from her site. That being said, here are 8 facts – and links to some buddies to keep it going!

  1. I have an identical twin brother named Evan
  2. I have (had) too many toys/projects…I’m like those people that keep bringing in stray cats and dogs, except my strays all have engines 🙂
  3. I have a bad problem with my OCD – for example I can’t concentrate on working on any websites when my desk isn’t in order or my bed isn’t made.
  4. I can play the Saxophone (Alto, Tenor, and Baritone) and Bass Guitar
  5. My favorite sound is the crack of a fresh, ice cold beer being opened (preferably coors light)
  6. I have too many ideas and not enough time to act on any of them…this gets really frustrating
  7. I still sometimes get mistaken for Benji or Joel Madden from Good Charlotte (This just happened again in Vegas last weekend). This used to be cool about 5 years ago…now is not so cool
  8. I am the only person who has played WoW for 3 days and cut themself off completely

Now for my lucky friends who I hope will keep this going:Bruce “Deuce” Buns – Also here at Tech and Tonic

Nick Urbani – Over at Never Stop Learning

Brianna Schletz – The Stolen Three

Matty – At Mattys Blog

Big J Adams – JasonKAdams

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