Evan’s VIDEoFF entry #2 : Computer Man

Ok ladies…time to bring out the big guns. Here is the bottom-line ultimate piece of internet cinematography ever created. If you don’t think this is best video you’ve ever seen, you don’t enjoy internet video, or you lost your sense of humor a long time ago.

I bring to you….. COMPUTER MAN.

The legend goes that some poor cubicle dwelling bottom feeder created this video years ago to try and circumvent cube-rot (the cubicle workers disease where they slowly die from boredom and lack of sunlight). This guy eventually moved up the ranks and became a high-level manager at a large company. One of his many employees somehow found out about this video, and published it across the vast plains of the internet, quickly ruining this guys career in one fell swoop.

There are a few highlights of the video I need to point out:

*Notice he is wearing a milk-man outfit, and pushing a cart full of random computer parts, as if delivering computers to the tech-hungry employees.

*The video dates itself from the beginning with the computer man holding up an original boxed copy of After Dark, the windows 3.0 screensaver package.

*Notice at 00:10 when CM is throwing out floppy disks to the class, the middle aged white guy in the white shirt/black tie doesn’t get one. Check his face closely for the crushing look of defeat and shame.

*At 00:14 pay attention to the red-haired Danny Bonnaduce look-alike ripping his red clown-curls out at the frustration caused by poorly written software.

*At 00:16 when the whole crew is dancing in the hallway, pay close attention to the white-guy-cant-dance arm-swing-and-spin move.

*Notice at 00:18 CM is leading the employees through the hallway playing a computer keyboard like the flute or whatever from the pied piper.

*Notice at 00:21 when they are dancing back to the left, the last guy in the row is an indian guy wearing red pants. He looks just like Samir who went in on the money scam with Peter & Michael Bolton in Office Space.

*Pay close attention at 00:27 when the guy is working hard on his computer, and computer man suddenly pops up on the screen. Its really funny because he’s so surprised.

*The ridiculous monkey dance at 00:38 is one of my favorite parts.

and finally……

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