Another Conversation for the Books…

Below is another one of the conversations ian and i have that should be published and read aloud to children during story time. This time about the dodge ramcharger

Ian: you know as well as I do the pungent aroma of a gas guzzling V8 hauling along without regard to the environment or global warming
the sweet mellow yet agressive tone of dual duraflow exhaust greedily fed by dual pipes running from so oh so sweet headers

Casey: its enough to make al gore and GW both cry but for 2 separate reasons

Ian: one for pure joy, the other for sorrow

I know you’ve shed a tear when you feel the kick of a dana 40 locker shoved into 4 low for the pure purpose of showing some sweet suspension flex up on a curve
I know you want, nay, yearn for the sweet sensation of jumping out the open top, dukes of hazard style, while letting loose a carefree shout of pure, unadulterated joy
and hearing the music of angels as you crack open an ice cold CL while you sit on the hood (6 feet above the ground mind you, due to some serious suspension witchcraft) and watch a sunset that isn’t even as orange as the paint

::5 minutes later::

Casey: im sorry for my delayed response…i read that and blacked out from the overload of pure blistfull ecstasy and slipped into a coma of child like wonder and joy. I awoke in a mixed puddle of tears of joy and a constant stream of urine.

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