A Contribution From Angela

Angela wanted to get in on the competition, here is her email to me today, and a Damn good video too, I might add:


Hey there boys,

I poked through your videos, and at the moment, the one interviewing the immortal kid is the best, hands down.
However, to possibly step this up a notch, why not try for videos that are not just staged and played out? go for real- the interviews with the chef from hell, (the yoga one is pretty funny, I’ll give you that, but the way that guy believed his own crap still tops it) after all, there is nothing more entertaining than people who are NOT trying to be entertaining. If your gong to laugh at fools, its much more fun when they are doing it naturally, no?

Here is my contribution to your game…you may have seen it, but I still think it is one of the best I have ever seen. (and reading yours posts on here, I imagine that if you had seen it, you would already have it on here somewhere.

So, I give you, dum da dum………The stoned reporter.



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