Ian VIDEoFF #2 – Twisted Sister – I Want To Rock

I follow my hilarious video #1 with a supreme classic ultra stadium rock number, one of the best music videos ever produced – I Want To Rock by Twisted Sister. Sure I was only 3 when people were rocking out to this Party Anthem, but that doesn’t mean I enjoy it any less. Twisted Sister is one of the best hair metal bands ever to grace the stage and the silver screen. You should have already seen this, many times over as a matter of fact, but regardless – to the first time viewer or TS junkie, this video plain rocks.

Awesome Things to note:
-the insane guitar solo at 3:33, rocked out on an axe so sharp you could lose a finger.
-The dude rocking out in the pool scene, with full metal rock regalia at about 2:15
-Oh, and that the kid at the start who yells I WANT TO ROCK is as fat as Evan.

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