77 Dodge Ramcharger

Didn’t mean to interrupt the current competition, and don’t worry there will be a post later to beat Casey…but I had to interrupt contest to post awesome pictures of my new truck. Evan and I picked up a 1977 Dodge Ramcharger last night to tow our boat. This thing is awesome…straight out of Varsity Blues.

It has a suspension lift, 33″ tires, a mopar 318v8 w/ 2 bbl carb…oh yeah and its bright orange. Towed the boat effortlessly, and not to mention, theres not a better feeling than loading this thing up with a crew of your buddies and tooling down the road drinking PBR from a tall can, blasting Sweet Home Alabama, and screaming obscenities at passing cars.

That being said, WHO WANTS A RIDE?!

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