Lately is Life

So I have recieved a lot of emails and messages regarding the posting of Part II of Casey’s Santa Barbara Adventure.  Please believe I have been putting a lot of pressure on old Deuce to get this story to the masses, but its just not working.  This is why I need YOUR help to get him to finish.

“How can I help?” , You might ask.  Well, I have been giving a few fans Deuce’s email address to shoot him a reminder, and that plan is now ready to go public.  Send him one over to:

TheGunShow [at]

Casey, sorry, I had to do it…Too many people are hanging on the edge of this one.

As for me, well, you know how blogging goes.  Work consumes your life, and then so does wakeboarding, and your blog somehow falls by the wayside.  In terms of awesome news, I have some big things going on over at along the lines of teaming up with the fabrication shop, DBG Concepts.  This is going to be huge, including a website redesign for him, and a sweet boat for us.

Oh, and I just got accepted to Pownce and have a few invites floating around that I would love to give to someone that will use it, so send me an email if you are interested!  (god I feel like I should have an iphone or something).

Enjoy Life!

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