WTF? Weird Tuesday!

Ok first things first, I’m Evan. Ian’s twin brother. I figured it was time I started posting on this site and get some good content on here, since Ian’s been doing such a poor job.  Anyways, I  work up in the Mira Mesa area, and here are a couple pictures of what I saw on my lunch break last Tuesday.

img019.jpgimg020.jpgimg018.jpg    img023.jpg


Ok…..I don’t really know where to begin.  We’ll start with the unbelievably broke mid 80’s Camaro. WTF. What kind of alcohol-fueled hasselhoff hell was this POS designed in?  I don’t know what to make fun of first, from the snap-on plastic Pep Boys plastic-chrome hubcaps, to the unbelievable skyscraper-tall hoodscoop, to the 6 foot spoiler with welded on chrome exhaust tips.  And who came up with the faded metallic pink paint job!?  I’ve taken shits with blood in them after a hard night of Tequila shots that looked better than that color.  I’ll leave it up to you make your own opinion of that eyesore, but that car needs to get off the street.

And this leads me to the restaurant I encountered….titled none other than “Jollibee…Crispy Chickenjoy*Juicy Yumburger”.  Effective title right? I have no idea what this place is, and then I encountered the smiling BEE trying to lure me into the store. Give me a fucking break….this shit might be ok in downtown Tokyo, but how many crazy japanese anime fueled guys who look like Speed Racer live in the area and will visit Jollibee regularly?  This ones going on my top ten list of places likely to go out of business in the next hour.

And thats my first post. Hope you enjoyed it.


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