Google Group for D Street…Bad Idea?

So today I set up a Google group so my roomates and I would have an easier way to keep in touch with each other during the day while we are all at work with access to email.groups_medium.gif Bad idea.

Yes, I initially thought we were all mature enough to use it as an effective communication medium…boy was I wrong. All this group has done is given 4 people a way to message everyone at once with the most effective put-down they can come up with. I can’t say its been a total loss:

  1. We now have a record of all the hilarious ways we make fun of each other. This can be used for future reference, researching new jokes, or just for laughs in general.
  2. This has been by far the most entertaining day at work, keeping me occupied waiting for the next hilarious response.

Without further comment, here are some highlights from todays conversation:

  • Ian:     hmmm “Account Executive”isnt that like saying “I work a low income, no satisfaction job but they gave me a flashy title so the high turnover for this unfulfilling position will decline just a bit.”and adam, your company couldn’t consult its way out of an empty room let alone implement some of the outdated software you brag about.


  • Adam:     Ian to be honest I really know nothing about IT or many of the softwares we implement. However, it always makes me feel a little better when I think that Jokers like you are the ones that screw
    companies up enough to give our consultants plenty of work. As little
    as I know, as long as clowns like you know less, me and the
    consulting industry should do just fine.
  • Evan:     hahahahahah
    holy shit. I just got back from lunch and finished reading through 20 replies to this stupid conversation. And just to think, it all started with me blowing my o-ring around 9 this morning.Cam – The only thing shorter than you is your career at that dead end no-hope job.Anderson – The only reason your broke ass company is keeping you around is they are planning to melt down your braces for scrap metal. That alone is worth more than the work you there.

    Ian – Your company is sinking so fast they are going to re-film the movie The Perfect Storm, and change the name of the boat in it from The Andrea Gale to ESET Software.

    Boom Shaka Laka


  • Ian:     Evan -do we even have to point out how dead end and hopeless your broke ass job is? What do you have to look forward to in terms of career advancement….adding sundays to the work week? You already slave 6 our 7 days a week over a hot solder gun, and pretty soon old Lumberg is going to have you working on your one day that you have off. Cant say it would make that much of a difference seeing as how you dont go out and do anything on your time off anyway.Have fun hoarding that 60k away for the rest of your life, god knows you wont have any time to spend it.



    ps: cam and adam are fags

Keep in mind these are not in chronological order from the days events and do not follow the thread of the conversation, rather they are just highlights….and extremely hilarious highlights at that.

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