Amber’s Gym Experience!

So I checked my email a few minutes ago, and much to my surprise received a hilarious message from my friend Amber with a note to post it on the blog.  Far be it from me to withhold hilarious posts from you, the loyal reader, so enjoy!

*Oh, and check out Amber and the crew over at BoostStrapping!

After a recent trip to a previously uncharted location of 24HourFitness I have come up with 5 signs you are at the most ghetto gym on the planet:

  1. The showers have doors that lock but the bathroom stalls have no doors.
  2. There are 5 kids in the kids center all from the girl at the front desk who clearly works there for the free daycare and not the free gym membership…all 3 of their dads are there lifting weights.
  3. Someone actually steals your toothpaste!
  4. The same 5 guys that were all in the weights area when you came in are all at the bus stop across the street when you leave.
  5. All the buttons have been removed from the drinking fountain so while you are staring at it trying to get water out a janitor walks up and puts a screwdriver in it to help you out…you are of course thankful, but more hopeful he is still around in another 1/2 hour.
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