WTF? Weird Tuesday!

Ok first things first, I’m Evan. Ian’s twin brother. I figured it was time I started posting on this site and get some good content on here, since Ian’s been doing such a poor job.  Anyways, I  work… Read More

Boat Loans and Customer Service

So I received a call today from  a representative at my credit union, and I’m pretty excited to find out they can offer me a much lower interest rate than I am paying now.  However, they can offer… Read More

Man Cards and the Power of Beer

Here are a few emails I received from my Father today. Enjoy. The Power of Beer A man is waiting for his wife to give birth. The doctor comes in and informs the dad that his son was… Read More

Finally! SeeqPod – Better than Slacker or Pandora!

Found this on TechBuzz, they have finally gone to beta with SeeqPod, an online music player that, unlike Pandora or Slacker (that I use every day at work!) lets you search for individual, specific songs and stream them,… Read More

Google Group for D Street…Bad Idea?

So today I set up a Google group so my roomates and I would have an easier way to keep in touch with each other during the day while we are all at work with access to email…. Read More

An Update On the Cat-Cam and T&T In General

A couple days ago I received a comment on an old post about the guy who strapped a camera to his cat and took photos of the adventures. Andreas was kind enough to clear up my confusion as… Read More

Santa Barbara’s Finest

So a couple weeks back i found myself torn from a wonderful slumber, into a fun filled morning of the Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Department rolling our house for some one who doesnt even live there. So…to be able… Read More