In A Hand Basket…

…That’s how this world is getting to hell…

There have been many great injustices in the world as of late, and it worries me. I don’t know how safe I feel any more in a country where we let deranged drunk drivers out of prison 3 weeks after they were put there. We are depriving lost souls from their right to hear that truth being spoken to them through the airwaves.
Here are 2 things that have been really graveling my ass lately. (Yes, I’m going on a rant).

1) Paris Hilton: She got released today from prison. I’m blown away, SRSLY. Just because she has a ton of money and could suck the chrome off a bumper doesn’t mean she should be released. I’m tired of celebrities getting away with drunk driving, drugs, murder, or bad fashion. If I were to go out one night in tight black jeans, torn up bright green converse, some XL vintage band shirt and giant glasses and then get wasted and drive to my ex wife’s house and slit her and her boy friends throat I would get thrown in prison. The state of California would toss me in jail, and E! would get pissed off and offended by my last season’s fashion.

Let me be fair though. There are some celebs that actually do their time. Action super star Tom Sizemore, who stole the screen in such movies such as Black Hawk Down and Saving Private Ryan, has been back behind bars since June 5th and was sentenced to 16 months in prison for ADMITTING to having broke parole. He didn’t kick or scream his way out of the court room; he sacked up and is doing his time.

2) My second issue with what’s going on is a serious one. As you saw by Ian’s heart wrenching and highly emotional post about Tom Leykis, San Diego is in great danger. San Diego’s Tom Leykis source has been cut off. With out Leykis in San Diego who will help to win the battle between sexes? Who will help to fuel the fires within the heart of every man to go out and slay trim? WHO? I dare you to show me one other who could lead us into the milky white fields of giant powder fresh titties, WHO I ASK?! I for one am fortunate enough to be north of the fall out and can still enjoy such thing as “Flash Friday”. But please, lets all join together in prayer for my brothers to the south who are lost in the dark with out Leykis and his sage like wisdom.

That’s basically it for now. I have a head that is still cloudy from last night’s events of drinking and doing karaoke so I’m not to sharp right now. So farewell for now.

-Casey “Deuce” Cress

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