Six Flags This Weekend, Anyone?

I swear we’ll have fun…they have a new ride that cuts your feet off…
Super Fun


13547876.jpgSince the one sentence you see above is the entire content of Casey’s post, I am going to elaborate on it. (Side Note: Casey, you are worthless. 1 sentence posts are pathetic. You have been warned and your membership to CLEGS is under review.)

Now, onto funny, footless conversation. It sucks that this chick had her feet sliced off by Superman. When what starts out as a fun family outing turns into a foot fatality you have to ask yourself if 6 Flags is really keeping up with amusement park safety standards. Despite this poor girls tragedy, this awesome story just sparked a conversation between Scott and I about the pros and cons of having bionic feet. I maintain that they don’t actually make prosthetic feet (just of the foot below the ankle), because they would have to contain animatronic toes to maintain balance, and those would look wierd. Scott swears that a solution exists somewhere thanks to modern science.

We then turned to discussing whether it would be better to be rich (after the lawsuit) and feetless, or poor and have all of your appendages intact. I would take the money from the lawsuit, say fuck it, cut my entire lower half off and have to operation to get metal legs.

[15:56] BetterOffAloneSB: this chick is going to get some sweet bionic feet
[15:57] The Gun Show: yeah dude..she’ll probably be able to jump super high

Who wouldn’t want metal legs?

Grandma’s Boy – J.P. Metal Legs

Posted Dec 20, 2005

Again, I am shocked at a J.P. who behaves in such a deplorable manner, but apparently ever since winning Legend of Zelda the mean boss has just sat around and fantasized about getting metal legs.

EDIT: I was laughing so hard after watching the metal legs video and yelling “YOUR SHIT’s WIZZEAK!” at Scott that I had to now post my FAVORITE grandmas boy video, even though it has nothing to do with bionic legs.

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