My Deepest Apologies…

Here at Tech & Tonic I know that we have a strict mission statement. We promise to bring you the best news, video and comedy. My previous post was, to say the least, slacking. In my haste to post the article for everyone to read, whilst under pressure, I posted with very little content to it.
Thankfully I am blessed with good friends and second chances. I am thankful that Ian was understanding and helped me to better the post, and not can me. I do feel that the mentioning of my CLEGS membership being under review is a bit strong as we’ve all made mistakes (I refer to Ian’s graduation party when there was Bud Light being housed within the impenetrable cardboard walls of a Coors Light box).
I promise that I shall reframe from posting while under pressure or sober to ensure that we are continuing to bring you top quality A-List material.

Casey “Deuce” Cress

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