The Speed Boat Fiasco – AKA If Its Too Good To Be True…IT IS!

Sorry I haven’t posted in a couple days, things took a turn for the worse after the purchase of our 1976 18′ 135hp speedboat on Saturday. Good news first – we picked this thing up for dirt cheap since the guy who had it had his house condemned and was living in a hotel. Its got a 135hp EvinRude outboard on it which Hauls ASS! We had it out all weekend, and despite running in to some significant trouble, had a lot of fun!

To sum it all up…here is an email Evan sent in to the Dave and Jeff show with a quick summary of the weekends mishaps:

Hey Bitches,

Got a quick story for you from this weekend. My brother and I wanted to spend the day out on the bay, and decided to buy a boat. We went out and bought a broke-ass mid 70’s coke-runner neon blue speedboat for $1900 bucks. Took it out on the bay, and hauled around drinkin beer, smoking cigarettes, and living like kings in general. This lasted all of 45 minutes before the boat broke down and we noticed we were taking on water pretty heavily from a hole in the back of the boat. Long story short, we broke down and almost sank by the horseshoe-island thing in the middle of bay, and had to be towed back by a pissed off lifeguard.

Anyways, lesson learned last weekend: If it seems to good to be true, it probably is. Don’t buy a speedboat for under 2 grand.

-Evan in Sorrento Valley

Regardless, we have never built a boat before, so we tore it apart last night and started rebuilding the carbs. It has a bit of a throttle problem, so I’m going to have to tear into that as well. It may be able to be salvaged for fairly cheap, otherwise we can probably flip it and get something newer with the profit.

Back for more soon! Its time to get back to work.

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