Blogging, Reggae, and Saturday!

Saturday morning, im completely hungover. I’m sitting out on my back patio, overlooking mission bay, drinking a Rolling Rock, cimg0311.jpglistening to Bob Marley, and blogging on my laptop. I am truly living the American Dream!

Let me recap how I got here…last night the Old D Street Krew (or whats left of it) got together and powered through 2 30 boxes of Bud Light and an 18 of Miller Light Longnecks before tearing into a bottle of 15 years aged Glenlivet and a Bottle of Johnny Walker Black. Then someone decided it would be a great idea to try out the lemon shit that KJo had just liberated from Italy. (he had just flown in from his trip yesterday). We tore through some lemon stuff and a weird I-ti vodka type beverage before the night got a little hazy…

Break to this morning. I woke up completely toasted. But regardless, was up and at em by 930, cleaned the house, and headed out to Mission bay at 11 to check out a ski boat that Evan, I, and Team Mung were thinking about buying. We launch the boat and head out on the bay to find out that the steering was shot and the boat would only turn left. After paddling in and bypassing any negotiations on the boat, we headed home, where I just grilled up some hot dogs and wrote this post.

I’ve got a few other boats I’m going to look at later today, but as of yet can’t really decide if I want to get involved with an older ski boat or just say fuck it and finance some new jet skis. Either way, I just want to get out on the water ASAP!

xlg_camel_doctor.jpgSide note: this is hilarious! Apparently, more doctors smoke Camel cigarettes than any other brand!Old skool advertising really cracks me up. No wonder the entire country was hooked on cigarettes (and still is!), I mean, if doctors are smoking them themselves of course we can do it with no additional health risks.

! Just got a call to go check out a sweet ski boat that is down at the boat ramp right now. I’ll be back. This is an extremely random post but I will be back with info on a new boat soon. Later!

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