For Fathers Day: The Best Memory of My Dad!

cimg2682.JPGEvan just sent me this email, as earlier this morning he sent in an email to Dave and Jeff about how Peter Griffin is the best dad on TV, which apparently sparked a 15 minute Family Guy conversation on the show where every sentence started with “remember the one where…”. Im sure everyone has had that same conversation regarding Family Guy…

Anyway, they were asking for people to email in their favorite memories of their dad’s. Hopefully this will make it on the show, as this is the perfect story about my dad, if you know him its completely word-for-word true!

From: Evan Grist <******>
Date: Jun 15, 2007 10:55 AM
Subject: Good Fathers Day Story

Hey Bitches –

Got a good fathers day story for you I figured I’d shoot over real quick. My Dad is an Electrical Engineer, and fit the stereotype almost to a T.
Anyways, he was always into technical/electronic stuff, and he absolutely loved explaining to anybody who would listen how electronics work, in detail.
Well I have an identical twin bro, and we grew up with a really close group of friends. We spent most of our time going out of the way to make each others live’s hell. About midway through high school we came up with a killer way to get each other back for all the shit we pulled on each other.
It went like this: You’d corner the guy who needed payback near my Dad. You’d then tell my Dad “Hey Dad, Nick was wondering how a cell phone works, could you explain it to him?” My Dad would then break out into a huge smile, loving nothing more than to pass on electronics knowledge to our country’s future, and begin a (no less than) 30 minute lecture on the specifics of RF cell phone transmission theory, including the pro’s and con’s of various phone models and battery life comparisons. The trick was to quickly excuse yourself from the conversation before he began asking you test questions to make sure you understood the material. The guy that had this pulled on him was stuck for a good 30 min, not wanting to interrupt my Dad or blow him off because he’s such a nice guy.

This went on through most of college, until he finally caught on and realized we didn’t care about his technical explanations. He won’t explain anything to us anymore. Funny that I ended up as an Electrical Engineer also!! I’m sure I’ll get payback x10 when I have kids.

Hope this is a good story, It’s always a great memory of my Dad!

-Evan in Sorrento Valley

If you have any great memories of old Bill or of your dad, post them in the comments!

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