Weekly Top 10: What I’ve Been Reading

Its that time of the week again, the Top 10 out of my Google Reader:

  1. Boulder Crushes Car.


    Today’s weird car wreck is brought to you by Wrecked Exotics – can you imagine the phone call to the insurance company about this car?

    Link – See more photos of weird car wrecks at Wrecked ExoticsThanks Gregg!

  2. Wheelchair Stuck to Semi, Man Got Ride of His Life.


    This 21-year-old Kalamazoo, Michigan man got his wheelchair stuck to the front grill of a semi and got the ride of his life!

    A 21-year-old Kalamazoo, Mich., man, unidentified by police, in this a motorized wheelchair, found himself stuck to the front grill of this semi truck and pushed eastbound on Red Arrow Highway near Paw Paw, Mich., Wednesday, June 6, 2007, for four miles (6.4 kilometers) at about 50 mph (80 kph), authorities said. The young man, reportedly unhurt, was quoted by police as saying, “It was quite a ride.”

    LinkThanks virginie!

    Update 6/7/07: The man’s name is Ben Carpenter – Thanks Miss C!

  3. Real Estate Investing Can Be Tough When Everyone Ignores the Market


    Yesterday, I made an offer on a duplex. When I submitted my offer, I was very firm with the agent.

    “This is the highest price I’m willing to pay for the property,” I told her, “I will not accept a counter offer of even $500 more. Please make sure your clients know that.”

    This morning, she called me back. Apparently, her clients decided to write me a counter offer after all. If this wasn’t annoying enough, the counter offer was a full $7,000 higher than what I was willing to pay. (I originally offered $9,000 less than their asking price, so they basically decided to come down 2 grand. Chump change, in my book.)

  4. Learning War Work: 1942


    An aircraft construction class at the Daytona Beach branch of the Volusia County Vocational School. Secretaries, housewives, waitresses, women from all over central Florida are getting into vocational schools to learn war work. Photograph by Howard R. Hollem, 1942. View full image.

  5. Cool Lincoln, dig the license plate


  6. Anyone Aware of the Dot Asia ?



    Dot Asia (.asia) is going to be a new domain extension next year. It is official, you can see it at this ICANN page. I mailed them about more details cause it is hard to find on the web. I got a very short reply back (I didn’t expect anything else :mrgreen: ). They said the normal registration will begin in February 2008, that is a long time to wait. The registration for trademark and service marks will begin in October 2007.

    In the period for trademark and service marks registration I hope the generics will not be snapped away. names as laptops.asia are very generic and nobody has a trademark or service mark on it. But you never know, it happened with the launch of .eu, so it can happen again.

    Dot Asia looks like a very good domain extension, but I think it is not that good cause all countries in Asia already have its own extension. But who knows, I think we can compare this extension with .eu, all EU countries also had its own extensions before the .eu launch, but was still very successful.

    I am sure going to watch this process and trying to pick up some really generic names. domains as poker.asia or loans.asio will sure fetch a lot of money.

  7. Interviewing 101


    by Donald J. Trump

    Blog Image

    With graduation time here, college graduates are heading out into the workforce hoping to land great jobs. But it all starts with a really good interview.

    I’ve conducted so many interviews and I’m often amazed at how poorly so many of them go. I’m surprised at how quickly talented candidates can blow a potential job by what they say or don’t say when they sit across the desk from a potential boss.

    Some of the dumbest mistakes are when an interviewee doesn’t ask questions because it shows he or she just isn’t interested in the company. Show interest. Show that you care about the job you want. That’s just common sense.

    I don’t mind when people exaggerate their accomplishments but you have to be ready to back those feats up with some facts. Sooner or later it will catch up with you so be prepared to defend those achievements. Embellish too much and you know you’ll get caught in the end.

    Don’t trash-talk your former boss or co-workers because that just shows you have no loyalty and no discretion. If I see you badmouth them, I know that sooner or later you’re going to badmouth me. And personally, loyalty is something I value immensely.

    Finally, be nice to the receptionist and everybody else you meet or talk to before you get to the main interview. These are the gatekeepers and likely the people who are the eyes and ears of the company. If they don’t like you, chances are I won’t like you either.

    Don’t be stupid and the job might be yours.

    Donald J. Trump is Chairman of Trump University.

  8. 3000 High Resolution Wallpapers!


    One of the easiest ways to spruce up your PC, and to wow your work colleagues and mates, is to add a new wallpaper.

    If you really want your desktop to look its best, then check out these High Resolution wallpapers discovered by Ghacks from No Pixel. Over 3000 hi res wallpapers are available in resolutions up to 1900×1200. Widescreen resolutions are also covered, with 1680×1050 resolution images available.

    No Pixel has a very nice navigation system, with thumbnail, slideshows and a search engine.

    More: No Pixel

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  9. Make GMail the Default EMail Client in Firefox


    Vamsi Kiran is using Firefox as his default web browser but when he clicks some email hyperlink (mailto:) on the web, IE opens up with the Yahoo! Mail homepage.Vamsi would like to see the GMail compose window open up inside Firefox (not Internet Explorer) when he clicks any email hyperlink on web pages.

    Download the free Google Talk chat application and open the options dialog. You’ll see a general setting that says “Open GMail When I click on Email Links” – select that and exit.

    gmail default email program

    This will set Gmail as your default mailto: handler. This means that when you click on any hyperlinked email address, a Gmail compose window will open in your default web browser. The To: address field will be prepopulated with email address.

    This trick works if you are in IE – the GMail compose window would open inside Firefox.

    To make this work inside Firfox, implement this small change:

    1. Type about:config in the address bar.

    2. Type mailto: and hit enter.

    3. You’ll see a setting called network.protocol-handler.external.mailto that is set to false. Double click it to toggle the value to true.

    Your system will work just the way you want.

    Related reading: Replace Outlook with GMail, GMail This! Bookmarklet© 2007 Digital Inspiration | About Us | India Inc. | Web Picks

  10. Mac Vs. PC: South Park Style


    The ol’ Mac Vs. PC  games goes digital…sort of.

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