The Way I See It…

It’s my birthday…and if you didn’t get a present or AT LEAST show me your boobies then you arent a friend at all. But here is another fun and hilarious conversation…

BetterOffAloneSB: deuce
BetterOffAloneSB: post shit
thegunshow: BRUCE
BetterOffAloneSB: or im deleting your account
BetterOffAloneSB: you suck
thegunshow: okay…ill post about friends who dont really care about me cause they start yelling at you before they even say happy birthday…assuming they even know or care that its your birthday
thegunshow: little quiet over there…
BetterOffAloneSB: Ok, then I’ll post about friends who say they want to contribute to your blog, and then you set up their account and they completely disregard and blogging responsibility
BetterOffAloneSB: ow…kinda quiet there
BetterOffAloneSB: btw Happy Bday
thegunshow: HAHAHA
thegunshow: what it boils down to is me posting about this conversation…

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