The Diggnation Jager Video and a Message From An Idiot

Just logged in to check my T&T email and I received a message from the contact form here on T&T. The message was from some joker named Anthony, who wrote just to comment on a video I had posted on Digg almost a year ago. If you never saw it, here was the video from when Evan, Adam, and I attended a live taping of Diggnation at the La Jolla Brewhouse:

The video never got on the front page of Digg (due to the lack of evidence that Alex actually was taking a shot of coke – but he really was!). However, good old Anthony apparently thought it was important enough to send me the following email:

From: Anthony [] Sent: Saturday, June 02, 2007 11:52 AM
Subject: diggnation — Tech & Tonic contact form

I happened to stumble on your old diggnation story about Alex faking the

You were really stupid to try to post with multiple accounts. All of the
Anti-Alex comments were by new users registered on that exact same day. Are
you a 12 year old, or just retarded?

It kind of took me by surprise, since I haven’t received any messages about that video for nearly a year. Pretty funny that someone thought it was important enough to write and insult me about it. I had a good laugh, and then replied with the following:

Hi Anthony,

If you didn’t like the video, don’t digg it. Why would you waste your time writing me this email?

I did not digg my story from multiple accounts. I did ask friends who had never previously used digg create accounts of their own in order to support my story.

I’m not 12 years old, or retarded, but your message leads me to believe you are one of the two, if not both.

Don’t bother replying to this message, because I really could not care any less about what you have to say.



Hopefully hes not stupid enough to reply, but if he does I’ll be sure to post his idiotic response. This goes to show the kind of people using Digg lately. Guys like this troll everything that hits the front page to be the first to leave some stupid comment on the story. Really pisses me off that they ruin what was once a great website…but such is the way of these internet tubes.

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