Super Sweet Helicopter

UPDATE! This is apparently a fake, check the comments. says this belongs to the hungarian air force!  Thanks for pointing this out! Check out what some of our boys overseas did to their helicopter. Some Afghan is… Read More

Bring Back FreeFM Petition!

Please go to and sign up to join the FREE FM Petition here There is a discussion going on over at the Tom Leykis forum about this as well so check it out. Also someone created… Read More

In A Hand Basket…

…That’s how this world is getting to hell… There have been many great injustices in the world as of late, and it worries me. I don’t know how safe I feel any more in a country where we… Read More


This is bullshit.  Friday I get off work around 5 and hurry down to my truck, ready for that great drive home on Flash Friday.  I power up my two Pro-Comp off road lights, switch on my brights,… Read More

I Hate Cats, But This Is Hilarious!

  So normally I am completely opposed to anything have to do with cats, save for my previous post about the cat cam and cats that look like hitler, and and the ever hilarious bonsai kitten.  However,… Read More

The Swear Jar

So were thinking about implementing this at my company…for a bud light I’ll do anything!

Defending the Aceman

Had an interesting conversation with Wild Will this morning, and realized he has turned his back on the comedy we grew up on.  He has publicly and completely denounced the Adam Carolla show, and therefore represents hatred for… Read More