Exploding Alligators and Punk Proxies

11.jpgMy buddy Scott sent me a link to this article from the BBC. Apparently a python attempted to eat an entire alligator and its stomach exploded. I guess his eyes were bigger than his stomach. I can’t imagine trying to digest something like that…snakes must have a pretty powerful digestive system. I know they eat stuff bigger than this because I saw a video of a snake eating a hippo whole (and didn’t explode). It makes me very thankful for teriyaki chicken, and that I can eat it without my stomach exploding.  Ok this is the stupidest post ever.  But its friday.  What the hell do you want!

untitled.JPGAlso my buddy Adam sent me this screen shot of trying to access my website from his work. Apparently websense or whatever content filtering system they use flagged my site as “Gaming” and won’t let him visit it. I don’t really know why gaming is inappropriate, and I don’t even really talk about gaming on here much anyway, as I rarely have time to fire up a game. Regardless it makes me feel like a badass that my site is forbidden to view from (some people’s) work. haha

Anyway, I’m heading up to Upland (909) for the weekend for a grad party at my parents house…possibly a drunk post in the works?

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