I’ve Got (Painted) Crabs!

crab.jpgLast night Adam, Cam, and I headed out after work in search of a good Happy Hour. Memories of Casa Machado fresh in our minds (the awesome Mexican food place by the old D Street that had cheap drinks, huge beers, and free appetizers), we hoped to find an awesome replacement in the new neighborhood. We drove around for 30 minutes before determining that Clairemont was too far from the border to have decent mexican food. Fortunately, around one turn of Morena Blvd. we noticed a huge sign that said “1801“. Below it in small letters was a sign that said “The High Dive”.

This is the most awesome bar/grill anywhere in San Diego. We ended up drinking $2.50 Rolling Rocks and had a spaghetti and meatball dinner for $2.50. We will definitely be back. However, what does this have to do with crabs? Well, after dinner we headed over to Petco so cam could get some crickets to feed his lizard (Literally…theres no pun intended there). At Petco I was looking at hermit crabs and saw this little dude cruising around. What are the evolutionary chances that his shell would develop into the FDNY logo? This thing must be worth thousands to some museum!

Or, someone at Petco had too much free time and painted their shells. This guy probably just crawls in circles as he is delirious from the paint chemicals seeping into his shell. Anyway, gotta run…thought this was a cool picture!

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