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From my good friend, Nick Urbani posted on his Never Stop Learning Blog.  Nick just graduated with me on Saturday from SDSU, and he is working over at eBoost doing some cutting edge work in the digital marketing forum.  I reposted this because I could have used some of that advice while I was in school.  (Oh, wait…I didn’t go to class that much!)  Enjoy, and drop him a line over at his blog!

Educate Thyself, Skip School

How to get the most out of your college experience: DON’T GO TO CLASS.

Dsc00713Instead of going to class go to networking events, get involved, start a business, visit office hours if you want to learn something from your professor.  How much can you retain from canned lectures and 100 word power point slides? Textbooks can only teach so much. With textbooks you can be sure of one thing: that what you are reading does not represent the newest thought in your field of study and by the time you get a job it will most likely be irrelevant (unless you’re a history major).

Why learn from a digital marketing textbook  when its outdated by the time its printed?  Drop the textbook for a night and network where the rich people and business owners hang out.  A 19 year old at a 40+, CEO-only event impresses people whether you know what you’re talking about or not. Trust me.

If you have to go to class make sure to meet and make friends with all of your classmates. Might as well get used to making friends with strangers, because like it or not, that’s what most undergraduates will find a job in: sales.  Hell, everyone works in sales, something you can’t learn in a textbook, in class, or from your professor.

So who are the ones that get the most out of their college experience? We evaluate performance based on GPA, but what did the Summa Cum Laudes spend most of their college life doing? I didn’t tell my parents I skipped class for client meetings or for brainstorming sessions with entrepreneurial friends because they probably would not have understood.

For the ones who have already graduated: Which has a higher correlation to success – your graduating GPA or how many powerful people know you?

Can I get an Amen?

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