Allow myself to introduce…myself

Hi, I’m Casey,
This will be my first post ever on tech and tonic, and it won’t be my last…get used to it. I may post things that are funny, I may post things that are offensive, or I may post things that are down right drunk. I promise no foot not to be stepped on…and if there’s a problem you can email me…or talk to Ian…and I’m sure we can send you a wet nap for the sand in your vagina (see, even there some girl might read this and go…”what’s that supposed to mean?”). I am 25, and I am like 2 days away from graduating college…go me. When I’m not at work or at school I’m often training with Kurt Thomas in the martial art form of GYMKATA

which combines the discipline, timing and power of gymnastics with explosive force of Karate. I’m in a band called Versus The World and we’re pretty good. I’m single; I like long walks on the beach, nice butts and video games. My turn offs are the Mexican dudes at 24 hours fitness who point the hand dryers into their choners so they can dry their balls…it’s gross. That’s about it…I’m pretty simple.
I will leave you with this. A hilarious series of clips from various terrible movies put together by Schulte Fiaja who is nothing more than a genius im asuming.

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