From the Jalopy Journal – Understanding Context

I couldn’t agree more with this post. I glanced in Google Reader to see what was going on with Jesse over at Just A Car Guy and happened to come across a link to the Jalopy Journal. Thats one thing I love about feed reading and the internet…one link of interest can lead you to a million different things that you can browse for hours. Getting off topic…what I wanted to say is:

I don’t know what it is about old shit, but it just gives me a great feeling inside. I love driving my truck and motorcycle for their (occasional) reliability, but there is nothing like cruising around in my ’59 and turning heads. Plus it gives you a common bond with people of previous generations, which is a gap that is widening considerably every day. I think younger people need to respect the older so much more, and get rid of the misunderstandings that so commonly occur between us.

stu.jpgJust the other day I went and introduced myself to my neighbor, who is an older, widowed woman probably in her 70’s or 80’s. After talking for a few minutes I discovered she had an old ’68 VW bug in her garage, that she bought brand new. I checked it all out, and then found out about her ’64 T-Bird she bought off the lot in 64. Amazing history you can find out if you just ask them about their lives. I find hers so much more interesting than mine.

My landlord was also over the other day, while his son was doing some work on the house, and we started talking. He is in his 80’s, and bought the house I’m living in brand new in 1954. We started talking about cars, and I found out he has an old ’55 Chevy in an a barn somewhere out in Alpine in East County. Apparently it had been sent to a shop out there for conversion to a manual transmission, and has been in storage ever since. I could sit and talk for hours with anyone of his generation, because we are both genuinely interested in what the other has to say.

I can’t wait for my grandparents coming out for my College graduation ceremony this weekend!

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