Reunited With The Riot Before – Nearly 3 Years!

boa.jpgSo last night I met up with Brett and my old band, The Riot Before. They are out here on tour, and were playing a late show at The Zombie Lounge on El Cajon. I haven’t seen Brett in almost 3 years, we used to live up in Santa Barbara together. We met about 6 years ago, in the fall of ’01 at the dorms of Westmont College, both 18 with dreams of playing some punk rock that the private Christian college we attended didn’t share. I soon joined a local band, Better Off Alone with two awesome brothers and a crazy drummer. Brett soon signed on to play guitar, and we had a great first year of college playing throughout Isla Vista, The old Living Room and Coach House (Both now deceased so I hear), and various places up and down state street. BOA eventually went its separate ways, and Brett and I ended up starting The Riot Before with everyones friend Casey “Deuce” Cress and Brent. We had some good times playing around IV and various places in SB…but the band was short lived as people starting splitting up the next year to go their separate ways. I moved to San Diego, Brett out to Virginia, Deuce to…well…Deuce is still in SB.

Last night brought back a lot of memories of some really good times that I will never forget. It was great to see Brett and meet the new guys, and I have to say, they were Amazing! Much better than our old days, I was extremely impressed with their performance and wish them the best of luck on their tour and with an upcoming record deal. Check out their Tour Blog and if you see them coming into town, don’t hesitate to check them out. I took video from the entire show and a few pictures, will be posting them up here soon after my move this weekend.

Oh, and I have to end this post with probably the most hilarious conversation I have ever read, that apparently happened to the TRB guys while their van was broken down somewhere in the heartland of America.  This reminds me of the completely idiotic conversations we used to have sitting around the studio…for some reason “music” type people are the god damn funniest people around…..if you have that sense of humor.  Read the post here :

 While the phases I passed through may have not been an entirely accurate description of the rest of the band, we all somehow ended in delirium at the same time. As a result, the focus of our conversation drifted from possible causes and cures of our current predicament, to debating whether or not it was better to have a lifetime supply of Chipotle burritos or $5000 cash. We took this latter conversation quite seriously. Math was used extensively. We decided that it would be better to take the burritos only if one planned on eating two or more per week, and especially if a stipulation in taking the money was that it could not be used to buy any sort of burrito. After that, Freddy began to ponder life in a society where burritos were the accepted, even preferred, currency, questioning quite earnestly as to how that type of economy would functions. This, of course, led me to asking the question of how one would go about buying a burrito if burritos were money, to which Freddy replied, “With rubies…Duh!” The absurdity of this conversation never fully hit us because, before we allowed ourselves any sort of self-monitoring, Jason and I began discussing all things lemonade.

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