Twitter Updates for 2007-05-31

Putting a new water pump in my ’59 # Rags wtf does that mean. # spent $60 at the $.99 store last night. Went in a chump…walked out a King! # rags- expecting more from me! Give me… Read More

1 hour…

…and i have to be at work…and im pretty damn tired. So in light of me being tired and needing energy…i bring to you what is possibly the most brilliant video i’ve seen in the past hour.

Guy Caught In Front Of Porn Shop On GMaps!

UPDATE 6/1 – Another one! Check over HERE for another picture of a guy actually heading into a pr0n shop!  How many nasty old men are frequenting these places in SF?! —- Out of the millions of people… Read More

Twitter Updates for 2007-05-30

New pirates movie is awesome! #

The Best of Ted Ferguson, Bud Light DareDevil

*I am in no way associated with Anheuser Busch, and these files are all hosted on youTube, not on my site.* More vids after the break!

Twitter Updates for 2007-05-29

Go to google. Type in ‘code guardian’. Download video. Watch. Changed my life. # @josh I’ve done that work before…good benefits # @amber: note to self, become a maintenance guy! # @josh: would you expect anything else? #… Read More


I happened across this video in the new Azureus (Vuze). This is is the most amazing CGI I have ever seen. Please visit the original website and download the Hi Def Divx Copy for free, it is amazing… Read More