Get Some Nuts – Mr. T and Snickers!

This is probably one of the best advertising strategies ever. I dare you to disagree with Mr. T and his super tank. God, I wish I could have sat in on the meeting where the advertising executives came up with this one:

Executive 1: So, has anyone come up with a better idea than some idiot playing a guitar and singing to a guy eating a snickers bar?

Executive 2: I have an idea, Jim. Just run with me on this…(takes bong rip)…its a little out there, but I think could really effectively sell our product…(exhales delicious chronic smoke)….a guy is playing soccer, gets tripped, and calls the ref for a penalty.

Executive 1: Thats the stupidest idea I’ve ever heard.

Executive 2: No, wait, I’m not done. Mr. T drives a brown, snickers colored tank with snickers flags on it over a row of cars and onto the soccer field, pops out of the hatch and throws a snickers bar at the guy, all the while saying every Mr. T catch phrase ever coined in an A Team episode.

Executive 1: BRILLIANT! You just might have it!

Executive 2: Man, I’m hungry, do we have any snickers in here?

I gotta admit…it worked on me. I will now forever associate snickers bars with Mr. T and tanks. I Pity the Fool who DOESN’T eat one after watching this!

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