My Last College Fun

Let me first say that I am writing this with a pounding headache and four hours of sleep. Last night marked the end of an era…6 years of education, but I learned much more than just what school can teach you. Exactly what I learned is another subject entirely, however. Anyway, I usually don’t like writing about random stories, because reading them online never really does any justice as to the actual events that unfolded. Regardless, this is my only medium I have to tell it (or the only medium that I can access while laying in bed and using my laptop). I’m rambling, but the point is, I’m going to miss the good times had around school and the college scene, but I am more than ready to move on.


So we started last night having a few beers and watching Grandma’s Boy, completely forgetting that the city had sent out a notice about the power being shut off throughout our neighborhood at 10pm. Exactly at 10, everything shuts off completely, providing us with the perfect opportunity for a “No Power Party”. We grabbed the fire pit and set it up in the driveway. Jeff came up with a great idea for a drinking game, conveniently called “No Power Hour”. It was a great idea.

Anyway, after sitting around the fire pit in our driveway for 2 hours, a fire truck and a cop car pull up in front of our house, followed shortly by two more cop cars and the Sargent’s SUV. Keep in mind, this was the second time a fire truck has shown up at our house in the past 3 days. Apparently one of our neighbors saw the tiny fire going and called the fire department. Luckily, our buddy Kjo was working and came by first and we put it out. We confirmed with the firemen that having the fire pit was not illegal, it was a small controlled fire, and we were doing nothing wrong. It really pisses me off the complete waste of taxpayers money that homeowners around here are notorious for. As usual, some disgruntled neighbor probably called in a fake report saying that there was an out of control fire in the front yard, and completely wasted their and our time.
Regardless, the night was young, we had no power, a lot of beer, and a recent visit from the authorities. We headed out in search of fun. And we found it. Lots of it.

Heading out to my last college party ever was a sad, but necessary rite of passage. We got to the party down the street, and immediately run in to this guy. He had apparently partied a little too hard. We’ve all been there before, so just ignored him and went about socializing. Shortly after he gets up and attempts to keep his own personal party going. It didn’t work too well. We congratulated him on rallying himself, getting back into the zone, and congratulated him with a beer from our own personal stash. Hilarity ensued as he tried to twist off the cap on the beer that had already been opened for him.

Poor bastard.

The night from here on out got pretty crazy, as the cops ended up coming and broke up the party, so we headed out in search of other fun. It really put things in perspective not having power. You never really realize just how much you really rely on having light, heat, internet access… All in all, it was a great, crazy night, the last Saturday on D-Street, and a complete success. Im going to


miss the way things were around here. Yeah it was a shitty “mini-dorm”, but there are a lot of good friends and a lot of good memories around here. Weekend mornings heading out to get Vons sandwiches, beer pong, Bonzai falls…we got into a lot of trouble here, but we had a hell of a time doing it. The D Street crew has seen a lot of members come and go over the past two years, but it was a good group of people working towards a common goal: to have fun, and lots of it.

In closing of this rambling, incoherent post, check out this link to see the funniest Windows 95 ad with Matthew Perry and Jennifer Aniston that Evan just sent me. A little off topic, but hilarious none the less. I hope you enjoy the new blog design, because I absolutely love it. A lot of hard work went in to it, but it completely paid off. I just hope no one asks me how I spent my Saturday because I’m definitely going to look like a complete nerd when I reply I spent 6 hours redesigning my blog. Oh well.

With that, I’m going to pass out for a couple hours then finish packing. RIP D-Street!

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