From the ESET Threatblog: “If you swim in the sewer”…

So I read the blog officially published by my company, ESET Software, LLC. It is always up to date with some good insight about the latest information regarding the anti-virus community. I don’t want to get into the recent Virginia Tech tragedy, because I have a lot of mixed opinions on it, and don’t really feel like expressing them all. However, I wanted to quote this post by Randy Abrams about it, and how it relates to technology. An interesting perspective on the tragedy, and shows a dark side of tech I didn’t even know existed:


If You Swim in the Sewer…

April 19th, 2007

Tragedy brings out the both the best and the worst in people. In the wake of the tragedy at Virginia Tech sewer-dwelling vermin are registering and selling domain names related to Virginia Tech, but they aren’t the threats. The floaters these sewer-dwelling vermin are swimming with are the jerks trying to use social engineering to gain control of your computer. One such attack involves an email message that claims to have video footage of the shooter. If you are sick enough to follow the link to see the bad news you will not see the shooter, but you will get bad news. The link leads to a file designed to compromise your computer.

Essentially every time you hear about a tragedy there will be some piece of sewage with a computer trying to break into your computer by promising video or pictures of bad news. As always, if you go looking for bad news you will find it – it just may not be someone else’s bad news you run into.
If you are looking for sewer news, guess what your computer is going to get filled with?

Randy Abrams
Director of Technical Education

–I can’t believe this is going on.  In addition, there is another controversy going on where ICANN (The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) is refusing to release domains registered through the registrar RegisterFly.  They recently lost their accreditation through ICANN and can no longer register domains, but I have a good friends who has about 5 domains tied up in the class action suit against them.  He had high ranking pages that generated some decent profit, but now have temporary landing  pages on them with someone elses ads.  It is ridiculous that ICANN has such a monopoly over controlling the issuing of domains…and as I read on some other blogs, they probably should be known as ICANNT.  Check over Here at Technorati for tons more information on the story.

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