My Favorite Blogs – You Might Like Them Too!

So I don’t get much traffic to this site, and thats ok by me. I write to it when I can more as a hobby than anything else. I know a few people check it regularly, and every now and then I get visitors from outside sources, which is really cool, but today I thought, for anyone who might care, Im going to show you the blogs and websites I actively read and participate in. These are the things I check daily and try to learn something new from every single day. Oh, and they are in no particular order, just the way I had them in google reader i guess.

1. Use google reader! Probably a very basic link for anyone into blogging, or I assume most people have their favorite RSS feed aggregator, but I can log in to reader from any web browser and have access to all my feeds. Pretty Sweet!

2. A once great tech site…now not so great. Good for some hard hitting very technical information on occasion, I think its slowly going the way of a stupid commenting user group similar to some other SB sites. Still, its good!

3. Alpha Kappa Psi, the Professional Business Fraternity i was a member of at SDSU has a good blog with some interesting, professional oriented ideas.

4. Videos. Of Amazing Things. Enough Said.

5. The art of Tech. A great site with excellent forums and a huge user community. Info ranging from the super technical to basic tech. Something for everyone tech related.

6. My FAVORITE site. I check it every day. Always something interesting. Crazy pictures, science, humor, Everything! If you only look at one, look at this one!

7. The blog of eBoost marketing, a digital marketing consultancy. I have a good friend that works there, and he always has something motivating to say.

8. Ok, if you dont know digg by now, your living under a rock. While I miss the good old days of non ubuntu/mac related posts making it to the front page, there is occasionally some good info on there. Join it just to have joined it.

9. Fogonazos. No idea what it means. Great blog about abandoned sites, buildings, exploration. Mostly in Spanish, but worth it just for the pictures.

10. This guy is in San Diego too, and always has the best pictures of classic cars. I have been meaning to email him to set up links back and forth. I love his blog because he is always at the local SD car shows and puts up pics from them.

11.  Lifehacker.  THE BEST productivity site there ever has been or ever will be.  Sort of GTD with a shot of tech and common sense thrown in as well.  Great apps, reviews, tips, its the best.

12.   Guys love gadgets.  I love engadget.  All the coolest new toys i will never have until 5 years after they are cool in one spot.

13.   Paleo Future blog.  AWESOME. All that old sci-fi space tech comic stuff from the 20s-50s is so cool!  They kind of overestimated where we would be living now, but it is still so awesome to see how their imaginations ran wild.  You can’t get bored with this site.

14.     Reddit.  Yay.  Digg, but with interesting stories.


16.   Everything you need to know about money management  but couldnt afford to ask. haha  I just thought of that.  Should be ther tagline.  A great site about money and how to handle it, I have learned a lot here.

17.   The stolen three. My friend Brianna’s blog.  Always has something good about what she is thankful for each day.  Makes me feel like I should be more thankful about stuff, but then I get too busy with other stuff.  I don’t know if she wants everyone seeing it, but she can tell me to take it down if thats the case.

18.   Tech.  Served Crunchy.  Lots of it.

So these are my top 18 right now.  Theres lots more where they came from.  Look around, check out and search on anything you could ever be interested in, and you will find a blog about it.  If you have something cool I don’t know about, leave me a comment and tell me where to find it!  Hope someone enjoys this!

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