How my twin brother ripped me off. again.

No one probably knows about Evan’s website, Its a fairly small site, with maybe 100 members that post on there because they are interested in building a chevy S10 for off roading. Its basic, but at least it has a logo and some (marginally) effective advertising.

What makes an advertisement effective? Flashy graphics, a good logo? Well, Evan hired me to design advertisements and the logo for his website. Since he has the photoshop skills of a first grader, I agreed to help. We initially agreed on $30 per banner advertisement that runs on the top and bottom of the site (which is extremely cheap given that my normal charges for any other graphic design is an hour minimum at $50 an hour). So far I have created 3 banner advertisements for him, a standard advertisement ad

adimage.jpg $30

a banner advertisement for one of his advertisors, S&M Fabrication

adimage2.jpg $30

and an additional advertisement for G-Machine motorsports. $30.

So, per our agreement, I am already owed $90 for advertisement graphics alone. What have I received for my work? Nothing.

Instead of receiving payment from advertising on his site, he barters for work on his truck. This is great for him, but what am I left with for my work? Nothing at all. He is running my advertisements on his website, and since he hasnt received any payment and wont barter for any work on MY truck, I am out for all my time spent. He argues that I didn’t spend much time doing it (probably 30 min per graphic)…well what does that matter? I finished the project, it doesnt matter how long it took me to do it. That wasn’t in the initial agreement.

Next, the logo that is run on every single page of his website at all times. I created it. I have received NOTHING in payment for it. Not that we had a monetary agreement about that initial design, but our beginning verbal agreement was that I would be cut in on all advertising revenue. I have not been cut in on ANYTHING.


Next, on to the stickers that he is selling on his website, which I designed completely from scratch. He is selling these stickers for $10 a sticker, and they are being printed for $6 a piece. I designed these to help him out, since again he had no idea how to do it. Now that he is selling them and having them printed, I asked to be cut in on $1 per sticker sale. He refuses. I think this is a fair price since he is pocketing $4 per sale, and it is all off my intellectual property completely. He refuses to give me anything.


So now he has a fully functional website, fully fuctional because of all the graphics I have done for it. Have you ever seen a website without any graphical content whatsoever? Neither have and I doubt it would get much traffic. Yes, you could argue that I didnt set much of these contracts in stone, but I figured with my twin brother a verbal agreement would be sufficient. Apparently not. He has a truck that has been built from bartering MY WORK with other people. I am yet to receive ONE PENNY of payment for my work.

I am so furious about this situation that I finally asked him to buy me out on my sticker design so he can own it, and to take down ALL of my graphics on his website since is it ALL my intellectual property. He refuses. His site showcases my work, and I have received nothing for it. All I can ask is that you don’t use his website, maybe send him an email at and let him know it sucks that he is ripping me off.

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