Get Some Nuts – Mr. T and Snickers!

This is probably one of the best advertising strategies ever. I dare you to disagree with Mr. T and his super tank. God, I wish I could have sat in on the meeting where the advertising executives came… Read More

My Last College Fun

Let me first say that I am writing this with a pounding headache and four hours of sleep. Last night marked the end of an era…6 years of education, but I learned much more than just what school… Read More

The Move got Moved – Had Time for the New Design!

Quick update because I’m sick of working on this.  The move got pushed back to tues/weds so I had time in between packing my room to update T&T with a completely new design!  Its based on the Cleaker… Read More

Gearing up for the Move…don’t expect anything over the weekend!

So we are getting ready to move this weekend into our new place over in bay park. Don’t expect any posting over the weekend. However, next week you can expect plenty of posts as I watch the sunset… Read More

How to Play. And Thank an 8 year old for the Advice.

Found this at the blog, I think it could make all of our daily routines a little more interesting: PLAY  April 20th, 2007 by Ed McShane I had an 8-yearold child in my office last week. According… Read More

Good ‘ol G-Dub does the Malaria Dance…or actually has Malaria?

God damn it George…why couldn’t you just slowly slip away. Enjoy the last glorious days of your presidency without any embarrassing. . .dancing? From the looks of it, dubya might not have been dancing, I think he actually… Read More

Things to do on the T&T Front…

This probably isn’t interesting to anyone else, but I have to get myself on track and do all the things floating around in my head: 1. Redesign the layout…why? I’m just sick of it. 2. Integrate all the… Read More