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A quick search on Google News on the terms “Mini Dorm” returned the article as the first thing on the list today. A couple weeks ago I was contacted by a reporter for the San Diego Union Tribune newspaper who was writing an article about Mini Dorm living near SDSU. According to them, and angry homeowners, any house with multiple bedrooms and students is considered a “mini dorm”. I dont know if this is intended to be degrading to students or what, but to us its just a house to rent while going to school. It began with the neighbor behind us writing our landlord to report ridiculous complaints about us.

Dear Mr. *****, Feb. 3, 2007

I am sorry to say that noise in the form of heavy beats from an amplified instrument and loud voices took place last night.

It awakened us at 11:40 PM Friday night from a deep sleep. Generally this winter during the break at SDSU it has been quieter. Possible you have the same renters or whatever, but they still do not care about neighbors.

I have called the police to take care of this problem and also know that the property is still capped.

Since we have met and I do feel you have an interest in correcting problems in your properties I am making you aware of the situation before it escalates.

Sincerely, THE *******

Now this letter outraged me and prompted my following response:

Hi ***,I dont know if you would want me contacting them directly, but I have a lot I would like to say to these people. You can forward this message to them if you like, or with your permission I will talk to them personally.Addressing their letter:We had some people over to celebrate my brother’s and my birthday on Friday, Feb 3. There was approximately 15 people at the residence (6 of them live there). There was music playing in the back room until 10pm, but not at a loud volume due to prior accusations by our neighbors. There was no music on after 10pm. The description of Heavy Beats from amplified instruments is completely false, as there were no instruments, or anything amplified on at the residence.The police showed up at the residence at approximately midnite, and informed us they had received a noise complaint. I answered the door personally, and invited the two officers in to actually see that there was not any violation of noise or otherwise going on. They declined and said to have anyone leave who didn’t live at the residence. Since the police arrived 20 minutes after The Bendetts stated we bothered them, and did nothing, I cant see what the problem is.

As for any comparison between winter break and now, we were all at the home throughout break, working and some of the renters even took classes during the break. We arent doing anything different now. I personally graduated from SDSU in December, and now work full time for an Antivirus Software Company in Coronado. We are all responsible young adults, and are fully aware that our residence is capped (by no action of our own, it was when we moved in).

As easy as it is for the ******’s to make these accusations toward us, I feel like they are harassing us. Not once have they expressed any discontent to us personally, but they are constantly contacting you about problems. If the police, who have the authority to enforce any violations are finding nothing wrong the with actions on our property, I don’t understand what the basis for their argument is.

We have not had a noise complaint or police visit for over 4 months, nor are we interested in causing any trouble in our neighborhood. We are on good terms with all of our neighbors on Dorothy Dr, and most on Mary Lane as well. I don’t know if the *******’s are contacting the landlord of the property immediately east of them, as there is constant noise, music, and parties going on there.

We are all interested in coming to an agreement to solve this issue. Everyone at our residence is aware of it, and we have done everything in our power to avoid any problems. However both complaints I am aware of that the Bendett’s have filed with you were based on completely erroneous information. The first one involved some sort of kareoke equipment and singing, and this refers to amplified instruments. There are neither being used on our property.

Please advise me on how you would like to proceed.


Ian Grist

Because of this letter, the reporter contacted me to do the interview.  Anyone else lived in this situation? And how did you handle it?

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