Project House – Pathway to Success or Good Reality TV Idea?

I took this from a recent conversation with my good friend Jason. Its actually a really great idea, something that would take some commitment to actually go through with it, but I could see it paying huge dividends in the end:

orbital 264: man we should really get some kind of project house going

BetterOffAloneSB: ?

orbital 264: where we have all business guys

orbital 264: and we setup systems

BetterOffAloneSB: ?

orbital 264: where we all work together to get rich

BetterOffAloneSB: who

orbital 264: using the power of a group thats dedicated man, i think it would make it alot easier to get wealthy

orbital 264: leverage

orbital 264: well obviously wed have to pick people and sell them on the idea

orbital 264: but if you live with party people you learn how to party

orbital 264: you live with people who all play guitar

orbital 264: you learn guitar

orbital 264: i dont know

orbital 264: you live with people who want to be rich

orbital 264: you get rich

BetterOffAloneSB: true

orbital 264: What if we set up the house like a business

orbital 264: then we could tax deduct our rent

orbital 264: and we could do something where each member has to donate to the business savings

orbital 264: which can be used for projects

orbital 264: its like forced saving

orbital 264: then we have a business account to buy stuff related tot eh project all tax deductable

orbital 264: have a room dedicated to it

orbital 264: where we have goals posted and shit

orbital 264: stuff we have to accomlpish

orbital 264: ideas for next business goals

BetterOffAloneSB: wow

BetterOffAloneSB: who would be in on this

orbital 264: it would have to be careful selection

orbital 264: basically this is what these pickup guys do to get good, but their unorganized, have no business skills and cant run the house, but it still does wonders for them

orbital 264: imagine if it was organized, refined, and about money, business, health

orbital 264: improving the lives of the members of the house

orbital 264: your business is improving your and your roomates lives

BetterOffAloneSB: hmmm

orbital 264: have mastermind meetings

orbital 264: if a housemate misses a certain amount he can be voted on to be asked to leave

orbital 264: shit like that

orbital 264: like set rules

orbital 264: and just MAKE IT HAPPEN

orbital 264: force ourselves to be successful

BetterOffAloneSB: jesus

orbital 264: the guys i know that did this for pickup

orbital 264: it ended up helping their lives

orbital 264: theyve got a personal cook, a maid, all this shit now

orbital 264: they dont even realize how good they have it

orbital 264: because their in their little buble

orbital 264: theyre all in a business together

orbital 264: but all have seperate businesses all making money

orbital 264: i think the idea could work, it just needs to be well managed

orbital 264: there needs to be negative reinforcement for actions that dont contribute to the purpose of the house

BetterOffAloneSB: i dont know though, try working all day, you dont really have energy or a whole different project

orbital 264: Ive worked all day

orbital 264: i guess it depends on what you want

orbital 264: were only gonna get less energy as we get older

orbital 264: if we wanna get rich we gotta do it

BetterOffAloneSB: yeah

BetterOffAloneSB: true

orbital 264: I just know that its all about action

orbital 264: eventually you gotta take action for your big dreams and goals

orbital 264: or nothign will ever happen

orbital 264: the more you wait the older you get and the less likely youll do anything

orbital 264: My life feels like a puzzle right now, I have all of these connections, all of this opportunity, and I know I can get rich, I just cant figure out what pieces to use together.

BetterOffAloneSB: yeah

BetterOffAloneSB: i understand

I have been giving this some serious thought, as I’m planning on moving in June anyway, and something like this could really give me the motivation to do all the great things I have always wanted to. Has anyone ever been involved in something like this? I would like to know about your experiences.

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