Digg is starting to suck! Where is Social Bookmarking headed?

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I’m sure other people are starting to realize that the quality and content of our favorite SB sites is steadily decreasing. As an original Digg user back when it was V1, its starting to annoy me the crap that is posted, and dugg. I have started looking into other SB sites for some fresh content. Any regular digg user will relate, that there are two main things on there guaranteed to get you to front page.

  1. Anything APPLE. Anything at all. You can just put iXXXXX in the title and you are guaranteed to make it on diggnation. Im exaggerating, but how many ridiculous iPhone stories have there been lately, as well as daily updates on the iPhone/Cisco lawsuite. WHO CARES.
  2. Linux. Mostly Ubuntu. But Linux. Read the comments of any of these Linux stories and youll see a thread of Linux vs Mac vs Windows fanboys ripping each other to shreds about whose OS is better. To each their own, I use both Windows (XP/Vista) and Ubuntu 6.1, and could really give a shit what you use.

A quick check on digg.com right now at 12:12 am pulled in the following results:


As you can see, 2/10 of the top 10 tech stories are related to Apple.  And one of the stories on the front page is about them, without even having to scroll down!  Im actually puzzled that there isnt a Linux story on there without having to touch your mouse.

Just look at the social bookmarking site graphic above…with everything you can expect from the standard, established sites, it may benefit you to check out some of the lesser known ones.  I really enjoy Reddit for some interesting less-technical stuff, and of course Slashdot always stays true to its tech roots.

Oh and check out the Dark Roasted Blend blog, I go there every day and it never ceases to amaze me!

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