Finally got XGL and Beryl configured and Running!

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So I have been messing around with Linux – Ubuntu 6.1 Edgy Eft specifically, and I’m probably on my 10th try. I started flirting with this evil mistress about 2 years ago, and finally gave up due to lack of grafx card support and wireless drivers…well those problems are finally over! Out of the box 6.1 supported my belkin wireless card in my desktop system, as well as the Broadcom card (with a little tweaking) in my HP Dv8000 laptop. So, wireless and grafx problems resolved, I was ready to move on. I came across this link on Digg:

I owe Alberto Milone my entire evening last night, because I cant tell you how long I spent trying to get the beta ATI drivers working on my laptop’s Radeon 200M card. I never figured it out. I actually ended up blowing linux off my laptop and going back to *gasp* windows. Had I known about this little gem earlier, I would have been saved. Luckily, Alberto’s Envy tool got beryl up and running on my desktop system, also running 6.1 with an old Nvidia Geforce 4 FX5200.

[photopress:envy.jpg,full,pp_image]  By following his simple directions, I loaded the correct repository, updated it, downloaded the source files and let it go to work. It configured my card within 10 minutes, restarted XGL, and I had Beryl up and running. Let me say that it blows Windows Vista Aero out of the damn water! The effects on there like burning windows to min and maximize are amazing. In addition, the fact that all this sweet eye candy is running on a P4 1.6ghz with 1gb RAM and an old FX5200!

I’ve argued with the Hawk about this multiple times, but I Have to admit, Im a sucker for ridiculous, completely unnecessary eye candy. Thats what prompted my Vista upgrade, and my long struggle to get beryl running. I can’t say that it increased productivity any, in fact it has probably decreased since I spend most of my time maximizing and minimizing windows just to see which random effect it will use, but god damn does it look cool!

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