Fuma Esa Puta Review

(In reference to the film posted here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5S1ByR7P86M)
The infamous “Spanish Video” from UHS has made it into the hallowed halls of USC! Read on:
I found this review of the film in the library at USC (it is edited for length, hence the ellipses):

…My lord, man. The level of intertextual reference, homage and pastiche this film manages is of a scale yet to be broached by the likes of Tarantino et al–it truly achieves an amalgamation of the disparate motifs, themes and ethos of the 70’s in a manner so transcendent that it reaches beyond the past to lead us into the future. It is both express and obscure at the same time–the piece smacks of exploitation’s excesses while keeping a foot firmly planted in an diy ascetic-aesthetic that skillfully reconciles the film to the ken of the average person. It is a marxist vision of capitalism’s gaudy promise–and this is but one facet of its myriad achievements…

I am certain that we won’t truly be able appreciate this for years to come; not until the cinematic discipline sufficiently advances itself to come to terms with the level of art on display here will we even have hope of reaching out to its depths. Until that day comes, we will–we must–continue to smoke that bitch, inhaling deeply, again and again and again…

(As excerpted from the journal “Kino-Onanist Quarterly: Current Visions” Volume 10, pp. 11-12)

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