Could this be the end for T & T?

Things have been pretty crazy over here for one guy trying to consistently update a blog, come up with original content, look for a full time job, and be a part time IT administrator for a TV station. And for some weird reason, there have beeen a ton of comments on one post I made a while back about the differences between programming in real life and the movies. Based on that post alone, this site is a huge success, but other posts haven’t been fairing so well.

Why hasnt the site been updated lately? What have I been doing? Well, first and foremost, looking for a job! I just had an interview over at ESET software, the company that makes NOD32 antivirus, and it is looking promising. I will try to put up some new information as everything progresses, and if anyone is interested in contributing to the site, please email me!

ian [at]

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