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So recently I was watching the television and I happened to see one of the new Apple commercials that highlight the differences between a Macintosh and a “PC”. The commercial was humorous and defiantly made me laugh. The creativeness, comedic ness, and sheer intelligence just make me admire Apple that much more.

The commercial in a short sum up goes like this: Christmas time, Mac and PC are standing there. Mac is stylish a weird metro way while the PC is an annoying Christmas shirt. Now this goes along with the sheer fun humor of the series of commercials obviously.  Now of course Mac is going on the moral high road and giving PC a generous gift, a photo-album full of different pictures of Mac and PC. PC hints he wants a “C++ GUI Programming Guide.” Sure enough PC hands a gift to Mac and it’s the C++ GUI Programming Guide. Commercial closes with Mac looking slightly amazed and PC very proud.

Now anyone that knows a little about the history between these two companies can laugh and get the joke. If you’re not sure what it is, look at this. Check the first three lines enjoyed being clued in. Now what impresses and amazes me is the way in which they play it off in a playful yet arrogant manner to the viewers and critics. I am what I consider a dual user – I run a G4 PowerBooks 17’ and an Athlon 64 X2. Both computers are equally powerful yet I want to get another laptop, this time a PC. This is my weak attempt at qualifying me as a worthy candidate to talk about this.

The commercial defiantly makes me laugh because it reminds me that it’s almost a tragic circle of irony. Mac started the GUI system, Windows borrowed from it and refined it (this continues on for many years on both systems, windows being on PC’s of course), Finally Apple decides to switch it up and use a fresher and more sleek look for its GUI, Windows sits and watches for a few years and then once again borrows it again. This time some people are noticing the similarities and saying something, but every now and then you talk to someone and they think its new innovation. Now we see Windows dominating a market and expanding into other venues of software and hardware development while Apple, the original innovator, squanders in its market share. This does take into the count that their share is growing – but in a very slow pace. I took into consideration and disregarded it.

In my eyes this is the biggest example of innovation sparking creation and competition. And in turn, creating intellectual theft on the now epic scale. It is amazing to see what we consider allowable as consumers and businesspersons. It’s my opinion that Apple realizes this and in turn thumbs its nose at Windows, its own customers (for not realizing this and carrying them out a shallow market share), and the computer user/enthusiast society. But i’m not offended; at least they got me to laugh.

To see the commercial –            1)

2) Click the picture labeled “Gift Exchange” on the lower part of the                 screen

December 15, 2006 – jOSH – 2:55am (PST)

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